Seraph Energy

Seraph Energy, LLC is based out of State College, Pennsylvania.  We are primarily focused on converting Diesel Vehicles to either compressed natural (CNG) or liquefied natural (LNG) gas. We have spent the last three years studying, testing and putting together all of the components necessary to facilitate conversions and provide the necessary supply of the fuels needed.

Our focus has been on the conversion of Heavy Duty Trucks and Earthmoving Equipment but we are also involved in fuel supply, public fuelling stations as well as home fuelling units.  The technology used in our conversions was developed by Werner Funk of Omnitek Engineering.  These systems have proven to be reliable, economical and more environmentally friendly than Diesel engines.

Seraph Energy will be involved in customer development, coordinating conversions between the customer and the rebuild shop, sales, training, management, parts distribution, assisting in developing CNG stations and developing a process for converting heavy OTR equipment engines to LNG.

Seraph is partnered with:

OmnitekCleveland Brothers