Current Products:

Diesel to 100% Natural Gas Engine Rebuild Kits.

Available Now – Ready to ship (RTS)

  • Navistar DT466E 1996 – 2003
  • Navistar DT530E 1996 – 2003
  • Mac E7 through 2007
  • MB E4000 2000 – 2006

Coming soon

  • Detroit Diesel 60 Series (RTS 3/1/15)
  • Caterpillar C-15 (RTS 3/15/15)

Rebuild Kits

Diesel engines come in many sizes and can be divided into two groups:

1. Engines without a turbocharger – can use a simple reducer/mixer system (CIMS).

2. Engines with a turbocharger – must use electronic fuel injection (ECM).

All diesel engines can be converted to natural gas. The power level of the engine after conversion depends on numerous issues, such as natural gas quality, power level of the original diesel engine, emission levels required etc. A properly converted engine can make as much power using natural gas as on diesel. Diesel engines converted to natural gas generally require added components as well as some mechanical changes to the engine. Basically the diesel engine undergoes a complete overhaul and is in the process transformed from a diesel engine to a natural gas engine (CNG or LNG).

Thousands of diesel engines are overhauled every year. Using Omnitek’s conversion technology, these engines can be “overhauled” into natural gas engines — the difference in cost is minimal. During their long service life of up to 20 years, diesel engines are routinely overhauled – the infrastructure, capacity and knowledge base exists. Diesel-to-natural gas engine conversions make economic sense and is the only viable option to increase the natural gas vehicle population in a reasonable amount of time.

Rebuild Steps

1 – Disassemble engine.

2 – Check components & replace as necessary.

3 – Modify pistons for gas use (lower compression ratio).

4 – Modify cylinder head for spark plugs.

5 – Install camshaft sensor and timing wheel.

6 – Reassemble engine.

7 – Install throttle body, ignition system, gas mixer or fuel injectors.

8 – Tuning of the engine (fuel and ignition).

Purchase & Finance Options

The following Purchase & Finance options are available:

  1. For vehicles with high fuel consumption we will pay for the complete conversion and offer a long-term fuel supply arrangement.
  2. For vehicles with lesser fuel consumption we will assist in the conversion price with the same long-term fuel supply arrangement.
  3. Financing of all or part of the conversion.
  4. Outright sale of conversion that could include a long-term supply arrangement.

PLUS, concurrent with the sale of conversions we will be building a fueling station conveniently located to major customers.